Which betting provider carries the best live betting markets? In this section, you will find the current ranking of the best betting providers in the area of live betting:

In the area of live bets, several different criteria were used in order to determine the overall rating:

  • The general selection of live bets at the respective betting provider weighed the most, as well as the attractiveness of the odds which are available in the respective live offers.
  • The bigger the selection of different sports, events and even matches, or the more attractive the odds, the more points will be awarded in this category of the sports betting test.


 The test results in the area of live bets:

Just after the turn of the millennium, the first pioneers among the online sports betting providers had the idea, and also implemented it, to well and truly refurbish the portfolio of the betting platforms, enabling a very special betting experience for users.

Concretely speaking, this meant that bets did not need to be placed exclusively before the beginning of events, where customers previously had to wait for the outcome. Bets during the match were now possible.

As one of the first providers on the market, the Austrian bookmaker Interwetten excelled in this sector.

In the meantime, live bets became indispensable at every betting provider that holds itself in esteem, and they almost outdo themselves in their realisation regarding offers and implementation.

For the rating of real-time betting offers, the editorial staff of the test worked out the following criteria, which are of essential importance for the users, and as such make it possible to estimate or compare the quality of live bets at diverse bookies.

 This is how the live bets were tested:

When the offer of a betting provider has to be rated, the analysis of what is presented is focused on in a classic sense. If this is about live bets, questioning from the most diverse points of view is applied in order to examine: What is offered?

Therefore, the categories which were considered for the test of live bets at the different betting providers are:

  • What does the betting programme have to offer in terms of scope and with regard to time factor?
  • What can be bet on in real-time – so what betting options are available for the user?
  •  Infographic about the essential aspects of the live bets – this was taken into account and rated for the individual test categories.
  • Furthermore, the odds offered in the programme should be imperative during the analysis of live bets. What happens to the odds during live bets? How does the betting provider execute the adjustment of odds under time pressure?

The answers to these questions, as well as the essential aspects of the processing result in an estimate of the quality of the diverse live bets, centres at the different betting providers in the end.

The detailed procedure of the rating for the individual aspects took place as follows:

Live betting programmes

The betting programme is the first crucial aspect in order to classify the performance of a provider when it comes to live betting. What is meant by this? Quite simply: The selection itself.

Globalisation as well as networking have made it possible that knowledge prevails at all times when a match of any kind is held somewhere around the world.

If it does not only comply with a professional level, but also professes interest towards it, then the event is basically qualified to actively shape the world of sports betting.

Live bets at the betting provider Unibet

The consequence: Almost every betting provider that takes pride in its live bets offers betting possibilities around the clock in its live bets centre.

These are normally dominated by football matches, however bets are also readily placed within tennis and other more diverse ball sports in real time.

Variety in real-time is the trump card. At Unibet, interesting pairings can be found in the live bets centre around the clock.

Therefore, the options of sports and events seem to be extremely diverse. Bookmakers that put this accordingly into practice in the live bets centre reap the rewards in comparison to other betting providers.

Thereby, special attention is given to several criteria:

  • Number of live events per day
  • Number of different sports
  • Matches and tournaments from different leagues and performance levels

Particularly in the area of real-time bets, the fluctuation margin between different betting offers is quite significant in part. This concerns the range of sports bets beyond football and tennis above all, as well as the embedding of smaller events in the betting selection.

In the rating, points are particularly given to those bookies that provide the entire repertoire of pre-match sports bets, also for in-play bets in the same quality.

Different betting options in the live mode

The characteristic of live bets implies that in addition to the betting options, which can be bet on in pre-match anyways, even more possibilities are opened up.

The reason for this is quite simple: While before, the starting whistle exclusively fixed elements of the sport which can be bet on, the betting providers can now cater to what is happening on the playing field during the match with their betting options.

Extract from the live bets at William Hill – even for rather meaningless friendly matches, the bookmaker holds more than 50 different betting options already.

Therefore, for betting enthusiasts many possibilities are offered to place bets on particular elements of the match.

Thereby, it seems that no limits are set to the abundance of options of the betting provider, because many bookies offer a betting option for almost every blow of whistle on the playing field.

Exactly this variety of the betting markets, depending on the sport accounts for the strengths, or also weaknesses, of a bookmaker with regard to the live bets.

While at some bookmakers, even for smaller, less meaningful matches, more than 50 betting options are available, with others only listing the main bets integrating the standard.

Variety does not exclusively mean that the user is able to choose from an extensive selection, but also a good rating within the test category of the sports bets.

Those betting providers that run an almost endless repertoire on their betting platforms are rewarded with points.

Betting odds regarding live bets

Live betting itself involves a high level of suspense and thrill. In addition, swift decisions must be made for or against a bet.

Considering the time pressure, as well as the information concerning the match, there is little intellectual leeway to think about the quality of the betting odds.


With regard to the betting odds, there are two factors which combine to establish the scoring system:

Info about live bets – this could interest you as well:

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Strategy for favourite wins with live bets

The first topic deals naturally with the quality of the betting odds themselves. These are made comparable by calculating the payout key.

This value offers information about which part of the stake, seen as a percentage, will remain with the betting provider or is paid out as winnings.

The betting provider with the best values in the matter of live bets reach a result of up to 95 or even 96% for top events.

For the rating of betting odds, samples from different sports and also diverse performance levels were taken. This is due to the fact that variation in the decline of odds with sinking performance level is part of the test criteria in the large sports betting test.

The second point mentioned is a typical characteristic of live bets.  It is known that live bets revolve around speed. However, the user can only react swiftly to what is happening in the different matches when the betting provider does so as well.


Among other aspects, this is also a big challenge technologically.

Betting providers, who promptly adapt their odds during the course of the game enable the maximum betting experience for the user. Moreover, the technical implementation plays as much of a role here as the marking for the user.


For the most part, changes in the odds of live bets are identified by an arrow and coloured markings. If a betting possibility is being adapted, this bet cannot be placed at that moment. The blocking is also optically portrayed (mostly with a lock).


Service around the live bets

In order to experience great feedback from users and editorial staff, it is hardly of use for the online bookies to be upgraded due to an extensive betting programme, including odds worth seeing, if this is structured with little customer-friendliness and customer-orientation.

Those wishing  to place sports bets in real-time hardly have any time to spend looking for offers or information, before placing bets on the platform.

High usability and an intuitive structure of live bets is therefore highly important for customers, also for the rating of the betting provider.

The following 5 points play a decisive role for the rating of the live bets providers:

Calendar for an overview of events

Display possibilities

Information via live scores and statistics

Streams and live images

Usability and bet placement


Video of Sports Betting Test: With the mobile betting application of the test winner, Bet365, the entire live betting selection of the British bookmaker is also available, with the betting provider not making any compromises at all in this area.


1.) Calendar for an overview of events

A lot of bookmakers offer an incredible programme of different sports and matches in the area of real-time bets. If an overview needs to be kept and, above all, if a particular event should not be missed, staying on top of things is crucial.

The majority of betting providers try to capitalise on the optimal preparation by providing a calendar, which shows all betting possibilities a few days in advance, or at least for the upcoming 24 hours.

Betsafe enables different views in the live bets centre, and thanks to their calendar, an overview of uocoming events is guaranteed.

In an optimal case, this calendar is supported by a filter or search function, which brings the user to an event even quicker. In other words, to get desired information about the upcoming live events.

Nevertheless, points for the rating of live bets are not only collected for this. Additional information about possibly available live images, or anything similar, amounts to more points in favour of the betting provider for the rating.


2.) Display Possibilities

While the calendar offers an overview of upcoming betting possibilities, in the case of real-time bets, a particular feature works in order to keep an eye on all current events that are of interest.

There are great variations here in the implementation, which should correspond to the taste of the users above all. Betting providers who want to play it safe in this respect capitalise on individuality and let sports bettors decide for themselves what they prefer.

Customer-oriented bookmakers design their live bets centre therefore in such a way that the sports bettor can choose himself among different displays. Thereby, individual events or also betting options can optionally represent the driving force of the decision.

Different display possibilities for live bets:

Calendar overview: Events sorted according to date and time

Event-view: A list of all current live-events taking place

Individual-view: An individual, selected event is shown with all betting options and information

Multi-view: Several, selected live events are shown next to each other with different information



Often search functions are also available, which show the swiftest way to reach the desired offer. At times, it also happens that personalised displays in the betting account can also be carried out, for this purpose, a registration on the web platform is indispensable.



Information via live score and statistics

Information in itself is a topic that is of essential importance for sports bettors who take this seriously. This applies to real-time bets above all, since after all, the decisions are based on present occurrences. This has been increasingly discerned by sports betting providers. In the recent past, it has been apparent that there is a definite trend to expand the current flow of information.

As such, in the meantime, every betting provider that respects itself has equipped the live bets with corresponding tools, which can be helpful to the user in his betting decision-making.


Image top: Bwin appears as an exemplary student in the matter of information. Besides live images for the selected events, the bookmaker provides animation, as well as match statistics and a live ticker.


The way that this information is presented is really diverse. In an ideal case, the betting provider even offers several channels in its own live bets centre in order to disseminate current information. There are possibilities to do so by match statistics, a live score board and animated graphics that play back the gameplay, as well as live tickers, which document the events by means of commentary.

At this point, an appropriate tip for users who like to deactivate the speaker on the computer:

A whole range of the tested live bets centres can also send auditory signals as well as visual information.

Goals or other decisive events during a match are then given a defined noise. This is particularly interesting when several events are being followed, or also when different browsers or windows are being used.

Streams and live images

Apart from diverse information, live scores and current game statistics, there is only one possibility for the user to gain the most intensive impression as possible of the gameplay and the essential aspects which are of interest for the live bet: Live images.



These can often be found on TV in the case of larger events which are of local interest from the point of view of the sports bettors. If the corresponding football or tennis match is not transmitted live on television, then many betting providers can provide a remedy!

Since some betting providers, above all those that have taken over a leading role in the matter of live bets offers, provide this service to their customers, this aspect of the rating of sports betting in real time has become indispensable.


Digression to the live streaming on the Internet:

Stream is the term for the use of videos on the Internet. In the meantime, diverse portals, as well as TV-channels, make media libraries available, which make it possible to consume real-time or time-delayed videos or transmissions by means of the Internet.  This function can be used via mobile end devices, as well as via stand-alone PCs or television sets with Internet access.

Image top: Statistics about the use of live-streams – the increasing trend of this offer or its use also has impacts on the online betting providers.

The trend with regard to the use of diverse offers, beginning with TV-series to films and even to sports transmissions, shows a clearly rising tendency. More than a quarter of the population used this type of offer in 2015. Even the world of online sports betting is not spared from this trend. Particularly in the area of live bets, it is highly interesting to be constantly updated and to know everything about the events on the playing field.

Live streams optimally satisfy this demand for information in a timely manner and it is good business practice for many betting providers. Thereby, the offer can turn out to be quite different among the different betting providers. Information about the availability of live images or which events are shown with priority can therefore influence the decision for the use of real-time bets at a bookie.

A lot of betting providers make their repertoire of live images public exclusively to those users which are registered at the betting platform or dispose of an active betting account. This means that a bet has been placed within a certain time period or a corresponding amount of credit balance must be available on the betting account.

Usability & Bet Placement:

One last point, which does not irrelevantly flow into the summarising result concerning the performance of a betting provider is the general customer friendliness – above all with regard to the bet placement. This should take place with as little delay and the fewest tedious hurdles as possible in the real-time area, because seconds can be decisive in the case of live bets.

Hence some betting providers offer possibilities to accelerate the process of placing bets. This happens by means of pre-settings on the betting slip so that in the end only the bet and maybe the corresponding stake must be defined. The pre-settings mentioned could be something like the odds changing, whatever the direction, should always be accepted or not tolerated.

If the betting placement, as well as its settlement, can be proceeded swiftly and straightforwardly, the betting provider may reckon with good points for the rating by the sports betting test editorial staff. Based on the almost exhaustive diffusion of mobile end devices, such as smartphones and tablets, which make it possible to have access to the World Wide Web at all times and everywhere, the number of live bets which can be placed in a mobile way via such devices, has increased enormously.  One could almost speak of a popular development.

The consequence: The betting providers are obliged to optimally edit their betting programme and especially their live bets, for diverse smaller screens as well.

Even though this aspect is of importance for the offer of live bets, the mobile sports betting is not considered here. A detailed inspection takes place within the frame of the rating of mobile betting.

Therefore, those betting providers that overall achieve an optimal package made up of an in-depth betting selection, attractive betting odds and high comfort, as well as service on their betting platform, then achieve the most points in the large test of live bets.

➜ go to the test winner Bet365

As a result, Bet365 can currently receive almost the maximum number of points and may be called the test winner of the category live bets.