Betting Guide

Wagering at online sportsbooks is now an extremely popular pastime for many, partly due to the fact that it provides a whole new exciting element to the watching of high-quality sporting action from around the world. With online bookmakers ensuring that there is now no need to even leave the comfort of your own home, all markets, odds, offers and features are now available on one simple platform, making the betting process easier than ever before.

However, for those new to the game, or even for those looking to improve their betting knowledge, the following guide will provide you with all relevant information in this area, designed to help you improve your success rate when it comes to wagering on your favourite teams or players. Whether it be selecting the right bookmaker, taking advantage of potentially lucrative bonuses, live-streaming or in-play betting, we have all bases covered in our detailed betting guide.

Finding the Right Online Bookmaker

With so much choice nowadays when it comes to online sportsbooks, selecting the platform that meets your needs the best is perhaps the most important part of the entire process. While you can of course register with more than one bookmaker, it is important to take into account factors such as promotions, sports markets, odds, banking and customer service, as all of which are likely to have an impact on you at some point in your journey. There is a wide range of information on the web that you can utilise, with our bookmaker reviews offering the perfect breakdown of the most popular and effective platforms on the market today. Aside from their services and features, it is important to sign up with a trustworthy and reliable bookmaker, with those that hold full gambling licensed from either the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority likely to feature in this list.

How to Register with an Online Bookmaker

Once you have registered with a sportsbook, you will find a whole host of services and features that can be taken advantage of. However, for those unsure about the registration process itself, be sure to take into account the following information. Obviously, only those over the age of 18 are eligible to register with UK bookmakers, however if you fulfil this requirement, the sign-up process is very simple at most platforms. Generally, registering with a bookmaker takes just a matter of minutes, with just some important personal information and data required, as well as creating a unique username and password. Be sure to use something memorable, as you will be required to enter this information each and every time you log in, unless you choose to remain logged in, which comes with its security issues. After doing so, you will be required to select a method of payment at your new bookmaker, before making an initial deposit. It is important to make yourself aware of any welcome bonuses in which your bookmaker may offer, as this may effect the amount of which you choose to deposit first time around. Most modern bookmakers will provide a wide range of options when it comes to both depositing and withdrawing money, with major credit and debit cards, along with e-wallet platforms including PayPal and Neteller being among the most popular.

Kick-Start Your Betting

Whether you are new to the world of sports betting or simply taking advantage of offers at a new sportsbook, it is important to have some kind of strategy before you get started. Generally, it is suggested to start small, rather than risking your entire balance on risky bets. By doing so, you can steadily increase your betting pot, while losing bets will not have a substantial impact upon your strategy. You can then look to increase your wager amounts with time, once you have gained a better understanding of the markets, in terms of where you can be most successful. For those in it for the long haul, following these rules, as well as thoroughly researching betting selections, is a sure-fire method of adding to your bank balance. It is also important to stick to what you know when betting, for example, if you are an avid follower of a certain football league or tennis player, then it is advised to place bets around them.

Having found the team or player in which you wish to bet upon, simply clicking on that selection will bring up your bet slip, which allows you to see your total odds, bet types and potential returns. Single, multiple, each-way or accumulator style bets are generally made available by bookmakers, allowing you to choose a betting amount based on your strategy.

Betting on Football

Unsurprisingly, football is the most popular sport to bet on in the UK, whether it be action from the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League or FIFA World Cup. With action available at major bookmakers on a daily basis, through both pre-match and in-play markets, the scope for collecting consistent winnings is substantial with football. Accumulator style bets have long been a firm favourite for football fans, with the possibility of backing a range of teams to come out on top often bringing large potential earnings. As a result, many bookmakers now offer generous promotions and bonuses surrounding accumulators, whether it be price boosts or betting insurance.

Betting on Tennis

Similarly, betting on tennis is becoming increasingly popular also, partly due to the sheer volume of markets that are available on a daily basis. With tournaments held week in week out around the world, whether it be a Grand Slam such as Wimbledon or the US Open, action from the ATP or WTA tour, or even matches from the Challenger circuit, many bookmakers now feature tennis heavily on their platforms. While betting on the top tennis players with a single bet is unlikely to bring in vast amounts of money, due to the likes of Andy Murray and Serena Williams generally being backed at very short odds, there are now a variety of markets that can be utilised in order to crank up the potential winnings. Backing players to win in straight sets, to come from a set behind in live-betting markets or to win an entire tournament are just some of the most popular methods of wagering within tennis.

Betting on Horse Racing

Betting on horse racing has long been a popular pastime for many within the UK, with events such as the Cheltenham Festival and Grand National only helping to enhance the reputation of the sport. With a large amount of bets available on a daily basis, there is always an opportunity to back your favourite. With bookmakers offering customers useful information concerning the runners and riders involved, taking into consideration a horse’s form and age, as well as weather conditions and track distance are all important when looking to place a winning bet. With action coming from Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States on a regular basis, you are unlikely to be short of options when looking for a bet on the horses.

No Guarantees When it Comes to Sports Betting

Even the most experienced betting customers do not get it right every time, with there being no such thing as a guaranteed winner when it comes to placing a bet on your favourite sports teams or players. With so many variables potentially effecting the outcome of a match, all you can do is take on board the required amount of information, before making selections based on this data. You will quickly become familiar with the best markets to suit your needs, whether it be long-term bets on tournament winners, or in-play wagering on tennis matches. With odds potentially changing from minute to minute, it is important to not bet on impulse too often, as this will generally come back to bite you. Meanwhile, it is also important to not look to regain lost cash immediately after placing a losing bet, as this will often see you lose even more money, having not fully researched your selections.